Intelligent Implants

Using wireless electronics to stimulate healing

intelligent Implants


Intelligent Implants is at the forefront of electrotherapeutic devices to treat disease and aid recovery in bone and other tissues.

We pioneer the use of data, engineering, and medicine to bring novel, active and connected medical devices to healthcare. Our integrated devices facilitate treatment for the patient, as well as, decision making for the healthcare professional.




Pioneering Data


Our devices can monitor progress, allowing physicians to make smarter decisions during the course of treatment. Access to information reduces the risk for the patient, cutting down the chance of serious complications and shortening the length of treatment.







Wireless power and communications provide comfort and convenience to medical practitioners and patients. The lack of tethering mitigates many of the effects of discomfort, patient compliance and treatment complications. Wireless technologies allow our devices to be more mechanically robust, as there are less moving parts.




Electrical Stimulation



Our devices use targeted electrical stimulation to aid healing and regeneration in tissue. The integration of electrical stimulation systems into standard medical devices facilitates adoption by physicians, surgeons and medical practitioners, and improves patient compliance. The result is improved outcomes after medical treatment.